#13698 Antique Hand-Painted Red Lacquer Leather Trunk with Large Old Fitting

(清代描金樟木紅漆箱) This 19th century antique gilt painted wooden storage trunk, possibly from Fujian area, is made of camphor wood (樟木). Part of the gilt color is painted on polished built layers of black color lacquer that is almost similar to Duei-Qi (堆漆, Piled-Lacquer) , though not terribly thick, over the thinly applied dark-brownish red color (over the brighter red) that is an overall back ground color for the trunk to present a rich combination of colors and textures for the painting.
The theme of the painting on the trunk includes a duck resting peacefully under a large lotus plant with huge leaves, lotus flowers, and a lotus seed pod on the left. The right side includes large peony flowers, a small pomegranate flower bud, and a couple butterflies flying above.
This lovely antique southern Chinese painted trunk has an exceptional hand-forged thick brass locking plate set with beautiful patina from time. There are also brass handles on the two sides of the trunk for carrying.

This trunk is approximately 27” L x 17.25” W x 12” H.
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