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#305 Rare 17th Century Jin-Su Nan-Mu Hardwood Canopy Bed

This extremely rare, well-built, enclosed bed offers graceful and airy design that contains lattice design and double-circle motif. It is built with all rounded post construction in rare collectible Ji-Su-Nan-Mu hardwood, and a "Soft-Seat" bed surface that all fits to a Classical style. The resting surface frame is supported by a large original arch underneath, with woven coco-fibers underneath the replaced rattan. This bed is in an excellent and unfinished condition. Add bedding and drape linens for endless design options. This is a larger size canopy bed and is among few with simple elegant design. The grain of the wood is tight and iridescent.

Age: 300-400 years old

Finish: Original

Dimensions: 80.5'' x 53'' x 80''
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