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# 8036 Rare Antique 18th Century Ju Wood Canopy Bed with Rare Motif

This early Ju wood canopy bed is constructed with the best cuts of Ju wood with delicate beautiful grain all around. The bed frame is made of four larger posts atop of a framed old woven seat made of coco fiber in excellent condition, which is a rare feature, and supported by lattice style railings on three sides and partial front as well as handcarved inserted panels on four sides at the top. The four feet at the bottom are generously sized with a melon design connecting to the framed seat with Ba-Wang-Chen style additional supports.

The carved motifs under the front inserted panel on top look like a boat anchor or that of an abstracted flying bird or bat. It is a rather unusual motif found on any Chinese art piece. It might suggest that the bed was commissioned by someone or a family with an open mind and admiration towards western or modernized culture even though the total design of the bed was in traditional style. It could also be an abstracted flying motif that underlined the spiritual element of the creation. Although other beds made of Ju wood can be found, few resemble the design and the geographic element presented by this bed. The elegant all rounded posts, railings, edges, and carved detail furtherly suggest the well thought out design for this bed. This Ju wood bed is in prime condition with a beautiful French Polish finish from the tree lacquer.

Dimensions: 80"w x 55"d x 84"h
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