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#4472 Rare 18th to 19th Century Massive Size Day Bed with carved Bamboo Motif

Very rare 18-19th century extra large size day bed with elaborately carved solid panels on three sides. This bed was created after the elaborate palace style hardwood furniture with dark tone and carved bamboo motif and plum blossom all over to create a lavish impression. Interestingly, the structure of the feet with a bent look underneath the apron area mimicing that of bamboo furniture's joinery which in contrast usually fashioned after the wooden furniture. Large size day bed with an elaborate carved bamboo motif like this one is rarely seen. It is made of Northern Elm.

The bamboo and the plum blossom are the two elements out of "The Three Friends". The plum blossom symbolizes incredible strengh in harsh surrounding and is a common motif and subject used in Chinese art and poetry. In Chinese art and culture, objects made of bamboo are highly praised and sought after because bamboo is a symbol of spirituality. It represents the un-breakable for its straight and bending nature. It has been for centuries used by scholars and artists in paintings, poems and proses, carvings, and more to express one's pursuit in high morality and fine taste. Together, bamboo, plum blossom, and pine tree form the Three Friends.

Dimensions: 92 1/2"w x 52"d x 34"h
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