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#13147 Very Rare Extra-Long Antique Altar Table Made of Spotted Bamboo

This impressive and very rare seven feet long antique Chinese bamboo altar table is constructed and joined together with both the bamboo pegs and tied knots. The wrapping style bent joinery at each corner of the table is an interesting one that is similar to and possibly imitated by some of the Chinese wooden furniture pieces with the same style of the joinery, giving that the bamboo is limited in the ways it can form a bent corner. The waist area underneath the top panel also has the same type of construction as some of the wood furniture pieces. Old bamboo furniture is extremely rare as they don't last nearly as long as the wooden furniture pieces. Few of the antique bamboo furniture pieces can be found.

This bamboo table is made of rare Xiang-Fei-Zhu bamboo (“Zhu” means bamboo) with the beautiful natural darker spots in different shades on the bamboo surface which show a beautiful iridescent result with the natural aged bamboo patina as the background. It is said to be as beautiful as tears from a famous Chinese beauty who was adored by the emperor but eventually was ordered to death by the emperor during the political turmoil. The word of “Xiang” also shares the same pronunciation as the word for “Hunan province” in northern China where this bamboo was also grown.

Dimensions: 37 1/2"h x 83 5/8"w x 18 3/4"d
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