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#14873 A Good Antique Smaller Size Nan-Guan-Mao Style Carved Armchair

This particular chair has a rare and wonderful original "soft-seat" rattan seat- The seat is structured not only with rattan, but that it has a space in between the rattan and the wood underneath, so that it creates a very comfortable seating experience to human body when used. Only older Chinese chair would have this feature. One that has the original construction like this one with an original old woven rattan, rather than being replaced with new and reproduced rattan directly over the wood, is extremely rare because most of the chairs with old rattan seat more likely had been replaced with newer rattan as the old rattan got torn or rotted. Because of the lacquer coating, we are not able to tell what kind of wood it is made of, but it appears to be a fairly dense wood. This chair also has very nice original old lacquer with good patina. Minor loss on the rattan.

Dimensions: 19 1/2"w x 15"d x 31"h

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