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#15471 Rare Pair of 18-19th Century Carved Ju Wood Smaller Chairs

15471 This is a pair of handsome antique small size Ju wood side chairs in Nan-Guan-Mao style with replaced Old Rattan Seat that has been converted to "hard seat" from "soft seat". A soft- seat is often seen on older chairs, benched, and beds with a construction underneath the seat that is woven in coco- fiber and threaded in between holes on a wooden frame without solid panel in the frame where above a woven rattan seat is placed on top of the threaded coco- fiber. Thus, a soft and flexible surface is created that is good for the spine when one sits on it. The coco- fiber holds strong weight. However, after being used for years, we often found both the coco- fiber and the bamboo rattan were broken and needed to be replaced.

Chinese furniture often were created in pair rather than singular ones. It represents a culture that prizes unity in companionship. A pair of furniture pieces often are sought after and prized more than two singular ones. This pair of chairs are probably from the mid- Qing period.

Dimensions (each chair): 16"w x 13 1/2"d x 32"h

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