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#15585 Antique Chinese Horseshoe Style Chair with Carved Fu Blessing Character

This is a larger size antique Chinese armchair made of Yu wood, northern Chinese elm, with a horseshoe style back rest and is carved with a Fu (Blessing) character. This piece has been hand- sanded to a light blonde color and finished with a matte lacquer finish.

This chair came from Shandong province in northern China. It has more of a casual look with a simpler joinery construction, compared to the traditional style horseshoe chair with a more classical design. This chair is very comfortable to sit on as the back of the chair is structured at a leaning back position. It has a nickname called “The lazy man's horseshoe chair”. This chair has a higher seat and one can relax well on it with a foot stool to rest the feet on.

Dimensions are approximately 27.5” W x 23.5” D x 35.25” H

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