#4487 A Pair of Ancient Carved Stone Bases with Animal form

The height of these bases suggest that they are possibly garden or front door entry objects rather than architectural pillar bases. They make great plant stands for the entry way or simply use them for garden seats. Carved out of one piece of granite stone, these stone bases are carved with an interesting crouching animal form at the bottom with a thick hexagon shaped top. The four foot-like corners underneath the top are separated with a leaf-like blanket or saddle. The four feet which shape like elephant nose curve at the end and form a Ling-Zhi shape (Ling-Zhi is a type of precious medicinal mushroom used in Traditional Chinese Medicine that said to be antioxidant and cure diseases). Some chips.

Age: 150-200 years old

Dimensions: 10.75'' x 10.75'' x 13.75''
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