#12038 Pair of Wall Hanging Mirrors Made with Antique Carved Bed Fragments

This is a close-up image of an antique hand- carved wooden panel, hand- painted in organic color pigment. Such panel would have come from an elaborately carved old Chinese canopy bed rather than from old Chinese windows or doors. The figures with the martial art movements in an operatic setting is a common scene found on many carved old Chinese beds from the late Qing period. The panel is also decorated with mother-of-pearl inlay showing white color floral motifs on the black lacquer.

Shells were popular during the Ming and the Qing Dynasty at the south of the Yangtze River for decorating wooden ware and furniture pieces. Shells and mother-of-pearl were often grounded as powder and adhered to the carved area as a background to the carved objects, bringing lustrous and glittering effect to show off the level of luxury for the wealthy class during the late Qing Dynasty.

Showing in the detail photos below are two separate panels made into two new hanging wall mirrors for the modern day decor.

Dimensions: 12" w x 39.25" h x 1.25" d (each)
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