#17564 Rare 17-18th Century Hand-Clapped Storage Urn in Tea-Dust Glaze

This unusual large 17-18th century handmade jar is glazed with a thick Tea-Dust Glaze with small specks of yellow color on the large surface of the grayish green color. The thick- bodied jar was constructed in two halves- the bottom portion with the horizontal and irregular lines circling the jar, while the upper portion was slapped into multiple faceted small flat surfaces. This jar came from Northern China, along with some other similar jars more commonly glazed in the iron oxidized black shinning glaze that also shows the dripping effect in rust color. This one with the Tea- Dust Glaze is quite rare. It was one pick out of hundreds. Provincial ware like this was probably made to store wine. The inside of the jar is also glazed. The tea-dust glaze has an unique color, though not as noticeable as others with brighter colors. Its subtlety offers one an imagination of an environment with bamboo, scholarly display, and earthly quietness.

Tea-Dust Glaze is said to have been produced during the Tang Dynasty and through Song and Yuan. But the earlier wares were mostly made as utilitarian wares. From Ming Dynasty on, especially during the Kangxi (1662-1722) and Qian-Long period (1735-1796), it was produced as fine imperial porcelain ware at Jing-De-Zhen and under the guidance of Tang-Ying, the famous imperial porcelain ware maker. Although these finer examples of intricately made and sometimes painted imperial wares with the Tea-Dust Glaze are fairly rare, some can be seen in the museums or private collections.

Dimensions: Approximately 15" H x 15" Diameter
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