#15359 Spring 2017 High Mountain Style Taiwan Semi- Green Oolong Tea (10% off)-SOLD OUT

This delicious spring tea has a nice clean and pleasant aroma. After sipping, it goes right to the back of your tongue and leaves lingering somewhat sweet taste immediately- a sign of the really good Oolong tea! The taste of the tea is a combined almost light fruity and flowery taste yet very rich, clean, and smooth. This is one of the best tasting spring Oolong tea we have received! Enjoy it!

Shen's Gallery is proud to provide the most excellent Oolong tea from a small family-run tea farm in Taiwan. This tea is organically grown in the higher altitude with less traffic and pollution. Each leaf expands into a full leaf when steeped in the hot water. Every sip is delicious and precious! This tea makes an excellent gift as well!
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