#15799 Winter 2019 Taiwan High-Mountain Oolong Tea- Just arrived!

This season's freshest winter Oolong tea tastes a bit like a mellow wheat with a smooth honey smell without being overly dry. Both the smell and the taste are well balanced with delicate layers of different flavor each time you add more hot water to steep the same leaves. The liquid is slightly more green than golden than the one from the previous winter, which adds a little more refreshing feel on the tongue and to the nose as well. This tea is highly drinkable at a winter time- a great companion!

Shen's Gallery is proud to provide the most excellent Oolong tea from a small family-run tea farm in Taiwan. This tea is organically grown in the higher altitude with less traffic and pollution. Each leaf expands into a full leaf when steeped in the hot water. Every sip is delicious and precious! This tea makes an excellent gift as well!
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