#6533 Rare Antique Hanging Wooden Plaque With Carved Calligraphy

This rare large size antique temple hanging wooden plaque is carved on the left with calligraphy dating "Qing Dynasty Dao-Guang Reign Mark 8th Year Lunar January (1828)". The four carved large calligraphy characters in the middle read horizontally from right to left as "God's Favor Forever Protects". On the right side, it reads vertically from the top to the bottom that this plaque was presented, after bathing and after burning the incense (showing the respect) , for the completion of the remodeling or rebuilding of the main palace and entrance. The one character in the middle of the plaque on the very top reads "dedicated to".

This piece is made of thick and selected cuts of Northern Chinese elm with traces of original red lacquer can still be seen at various spots. Restored and refinished in French-Polish in blond color.

Singular and Horizontal wooden plaque like this one was often hung under a door way or on the top and the center of a major wall in a main hall. Unlike this one, majority of such plaques were either presented and dedicated to a person with good deeds and virtue or that it might simply contain characters showing moral teaching or the name of a building or a room. Very occasionally, like this piece presented here, it was used to record a special event.

Dimensions 66"w x 2"d x 37"h
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