#9015 A Rare Pair of Antique Large Lattice Windows Inlaid with Peking Glass

This rare and exceptional pair of antique large lattice windows are slightly larger than most of the windows with similar shape. During the ancient China, in some dynasties, sizes of doors and windows were regulated. This larger pair possibly came from a more prominent building. The latticework contains a vase motif which is an auspicious symbol in Chinese art because the pronunciation of the character "vase" in Chinese is the same as that of "peace; harmony". Such motif is used to bless a home.The Peking Glass inlay is rarely seen on old building element or old woodwork. It is a type of mineral came from mines that are no longer available for mining. Thus, the material has become even more precious for Chinese art objects. Old examples of snuff bottles and objects such as vases, plates, and bowls made of Peking Glass can still be found.

There are some losses of the woodwork and glass to this pair of windows .

Dimensions: 44"w x 53"h
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