#857 Set of Rare Four 17-18th Century Lattice Windows Carved with Peony Flower

This is a set of four 17-18th century elaborately carved lattice windows with a stylized "continuous" key design with a peony flower opening at different times with different shapes of the flower towards different directions. The design of the latticework, though looks complex, is created in an orderly matter with its single subject which presents itself a uniquely “simple” feel under its luxurious look. The creation of such romantic subject with changes of season and time evokes one’s imagination and desire with the nature where the inside or the outside of the object is hardly with barrier. Please note that the lower sections of the windows are also carved which is less common, especially given the length of a window rather than a taller door.

Since Jan 2004, architectural doors and windows are difficult to obtain due to China's effort in salvaging the finest antiquities available domestically, also because of the abundant newly rising private and public museums in China seeking for the best of the antiquity in every field. These great wooden Chinese works are now forbidden to be export out of the country and are great investments of life-time aesthetics for a home.

Age: 200-250 years old

Finish: Refinished in light lacquer matte finish.

Dimensions for each window: 14'' x 1.75'' x 45'
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