#20192 Pair of Excellent Antique Narrow Lattice Window Screens with Fine Carvings

(雕四季花鳥江南格窗片一對)this is a pair of very nice antique carved lattice window screens with a narrower width. It has very fine carvings of birds and plants. The main part of each screen is composed of simple latticework pattern inserted with six different vegetation designs infused with auspicious symbol such as double coins (雙錢), ruyi (如意), ling-zhi (靈芝,medicinal mushroom), and other plants.

The bottom of one panel is carved with intricate work of two cranes next to a few bamboo plants, while the other bottom is carved with two round-bodied birds perching on plum blossom branches. All the birds and cranes are carved with vivid expressions with fine detailed work on the feathers. Judging from the plants, these two panels were likely part of a set of four panels with vegetations showing the four seasons of the year.

These carvings of bird and vegetation at the bottom are finely executed in a style unique to the old wooden Chinese architecture, particularly found on the early Chinese lattice screen doors and windows. The local dealers and collectors call it “清雕板, Qing-Diao-Ban” , a special type of carving seeking the most refine and elaborate carving created on the smallest distance or depth between the carving and the surface of the wood being carved. The result is often breath-taking yet with a sense of visual clarity in its refine-ness for the work. This type of carving tests a carver's skill and is very prized by the collectors and dealers of old Chinese woodwork. It is not clear if the phrase “清雕板, Qing-Diao-Ban” also refers to the general age or period of the woodwork other than its literary interpretation for the style of the carving. Woodwork found in this style can range from 200-250 years old or so.

Dimensions for each screen: 52 1/2" L x 9 1/4" W x 1 5/8" D
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